How coffee can help to benefit your skin

How coffee can help to benefit your skin

1. Calming Effects

Coffee is recognized for its stimulating effect inside the body when consumed, it may provide the opposite effects when you apply it topically! You can give thanks to the many antioxidants that coffee contains for this! I know this first hand. I soaked in the tub yesterday with one of my coffee bath bombs made with organic coffee grounds and not only was the aroma amazing but I definitely felt the effects of the coffee working. I was much calmer after and my day seemed to go smoother and I was less reactive. It was very interesting.

2. Cellulite Reduction

Coffee contains caffeine that may aid in helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin. It is thought that caffeine is the key ingredient that helps with the cellulite reduction by dilating blood vessels just beneath the skin and helping to improve the blood flow which is believed to be the reason for the decrease in the appearance of cellulite. Coffee Scrubs are the best method for helping with this as they also help to remove dead skin cells and really aid in exfoliating the skin

Helps to reduce Inflammation

Coffee contains chlorogenic acid (CGA) and melanoidins. These polyphenols are linked to helping to reduce hyperpigmentation that nay have a connection with inflammation.

4. anti-ageing Benefits

Coffee may help to aid in the decrease of the appearance of sunspots, fine lines and provide a more even tone.

Coffee is quite amazing and I think that we should all get as much coffee on us as we put in us! If you want to intoxicate your senses and your skin and body then you really should try our coffee scrub or get this for the coffee-loving friends and family in our life! Hop in the tub with your favourite cup of coffee, a book and our coffee bath bomb and you will come out feeling renewed with super soft skin! Or take a shower with our coffee mint shampoo body bar that will infuse your hair and body with nutrients and awaken your senses with refreshing mint! Or rub ground coffee and sugar all over your body for renewed skin and wait until you smell it! 

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